Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Malcolm X

i recently done this drawing of Malcolm X. This is because recently iv been looking at western systems and how people become a product of this system. malcolms father was killed by a white supremesist group and in the court being all white they denied all evidence of it being murder. his family also suffered many other attacks for example his uncle was lynched by the kkk and malcolms family home was burnt down. in his young adult years malcolm traveled around america trying to find work to provide. being a black person in america at this time it was almost impossible to get work that payed enough to get by. from an early age all malcolm was shown by white america and the western system was only hate. he turned to crime as a way to provide like many at this time in poor areas or of different race. from research it seems a western system looks after their rich and forgets about their poor. malcolm went to prison for burglary this was where he found islam. it was when he was free he began to preach islam and black peoples rights. he also preached hate towards white america but this is understandable seeing all he was ever given was hate. white america had taken everything from his family to his origin being the reason he named himself X he did not want to carry the name of his forebears slave master and named himself x meaing the unknown. It was when malcolm went on his pilgrimage and found mecca he saw equality for the first time in his life. this changed his veiws completely as he met muslims of all colours and backgrounds. this shows while he was in america he was a product of that system and the hate they had shown to him and it was when he left he found equality. he brought these views back with him to america and focused on human rights. Jack.

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