Tuesday, 15 May 2012

oskar schindler

oskar schindler was a german man who livid in poland krakow during WW2. He grew up with jewish friends around him and when he saw how the nazi party where treating them he got them to work at his factory to save them from the concentration camps. when the nazis demanded he hand them over he pleaded with them and came to the agreement that he could buy each worker leading him to be bankrupt. in his factory he would adjust the machines so no weapon made in his factory would fire. he said he doesn't want to be responsible in anyway for somebody else's death. this is a real inspiration he stood up against the nazis and resisted to the fullest without fighting. he saved on estimate over 1200 jews by doing this he risked his own life and bankrupt himself. the writing in hebrew in this drawing says to save one life is to save the world. this is a jewish saying that one of his workers said to him and stuck with him for life.   jack.

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