Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This is a drawing i did after looking into why gangs start in some areas.I recently watched a documentary called made in america by Stacey Peralta. its about the birth of the infamous Bloods and Crips. what was interesting was that it shows the history of gangs in LA and a few of the many reasons why they started such as racial divides, poverty, media and drugs and guns being put in the area. Its shows how this society is a product of what the goverment has created.jack. RIP-RIDE.


new roadkill add ma boi Dan sing-gaarr done. Jack.

Jesco White

This is a drawing i did of the dancing outlaw jesco white. this guy knows the score has no care for the law or authority he just wants to dance and do what he feels. Jack.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

confusion t-shirt

the t-shirt design i done for confusion is now released support a sick magazine and ya homie and get one Confusion Magazine: International Undergrond Skateboard Magazine — Confusion Two Headed Crow t-shirt [white]

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

manson etching

I did this etching of charles manson. i printed it with black and brown,ma tutor gave me this real old paper that was found in some abandoned house and gave me two sheets to print on so its limeted to 8 prints. so i printed this on it theres 8 to be sold so let me know £7 then whatever the postage. let me know if ya want one homies