Wednesday, 14 December 2011


This is a drawing i did of Ed Gein. i did this drawing because just looking into different people and how people react under different types of stress. this is an extreme case of a physcotic breakdown its a sad story on both sides and is a very different story to just a cold hearted killer. unsure what to print for rip-ride shirts was thinking the fanny but then was thinknig a new drawing all together il give it some thought if anyone wants to see a certain image on a t-shirt let me know. jack

believe and be controlled?

this image that i drew is just saying fuck your beliefs, systems and religion its all here to control you its all the same. hitler created a system completely insane these systems wouldnt work if people didnt subscribe to it. religion is way of control why be controlled your whole life in faith theres a heaven when you got the gift of being alive. 'i wont subscribe to the system' discharge. Jack

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


this is the drawing i done for confusion skateboard magazine check it out should be on t-shirts and stickers soon. real skateboarding 100% raw check out hoax clothing company too .got some new ideas for over the xmas holidays to draw aswell. had a fun skate last night on some sketchy ramps was good. Jack

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

lino prints

this is the first tiem iv ever done lino prints but realy wanted to give it ago this is just what we did in class but im keen to give it another go give it alot more time. i think im gunna make an energy dome aswell i reckon i could vacuum one. got these deep thoughts at the moment it seems the more you learn the less everything makes sense dont be one of societys fools. check out jakes new rollaways add with art work from craig scott photo by rich west. iv got that drawing i did for confusion coming out on t-shirts and stickers and will uploads it as soon as its released. also new rip-ride t-shirt coming just trying to decide what image to use. Jack