Monday, 22 August 2011


Jack: Last monday we wen n saw suicidal tendencies was a sick night everyone got mentle i got chucked out half way through, i tried getting on the stage for possessed to skate and bouncers had enough of me haha i wernt alone though dubhan tried lighting up indoors trying to be cool and got chucked out too haha was a funny night. the train journey home some turkish nut got all aggro but he got put back in his place with a few bangs haha then jokes of the night was mainly about him, talking like cyco mike and a rambo head that we put on other toys bodies was a good night.

WHAT? WHAT? haha

S.T on stage
some sketchy cunt outside started talking to macaroni about his cow tattoo

Monday, 8 August 2011

Andy roy

so stoked man fuck, good old tommy fachiri and tom lawson went to stay with andy roy and showed him the rip ride shirt we'd done, he was stoked on it and sent me this signed spitfire sticker. I have also sent andy a shirt, It's one of those things i will keep forever, fucking rad
Also we have done these new baseball shirts, i only have two left, size XL and there £10 each if you want one email me