Monday, 30 November 2009

the ripper , the girl , the nightmare , the goat

hi..... weather is wet 'im about to have a nervous breakdown' . i need my dose of skateboarding. listening to the songs from gummo good soundtrack. anyway these are some of my sketches i had to darken them a little to make more visible i think it will be ok now. these should also appear on clothing shortley so cut your eyelids off or just keep them pealed if you interested ..
Jack is back the ripper returns to terrorize the streets of london
freddy ripping the pools of your dreams
gore , girl , board what more do you need
SKATE TO METAL... really fast .. there wil be more to come on here shortly with t-shirts aswell .. i think i might go fuck myself now nothing else to do until the weather drys ... man rob roskopp in wheels of fire that country side hill looks rad probley have to watch out for sheep shit but apart from that looks like fun to cruise.... bye

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Be sure to checkout craig and dans road kill website its killer! these guys are real fucking skateboarders to the bone, i was really stoked when meeting these guys, there all about skateboarding and just like me and jake they love the old 80s videos which was rad to skate with some dudes that are into the same stuff. proper safe guys, make sure you order one of there rad t-shirts aswell!

see what there up too at:

Winters here, carpark sessions are now on

Built a small wooden bank at the bowling alley last night, frosty came! took a few snaps and busted out a gnarly wall ride!
frostys gnarly wall ride

me and jake
jake footplant
jake's 50-50

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rip Ride T-shirts available now!

Here is my first screen print it has a large print back and small on the front left boozum proper 80s, t-shirts are available for £5.00. You can get your hands on one by adding me on facebook or emailing me. check out 60 seconds with peter hewitt too its sick bye


Everybody knows him in worthing...., and now this is his introduction to the world
We present to you... mr matthew haze a.k.a swiggy! Rad dude got to meet him, he's all about cider, juice, films and homefield skatepark

Rip Ride